The Board of the Chamber of Commerce

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The Board of the Chamber of Commerce

On the grounds of the amended law of Chambers of commerce No. 26 of 1926, An Najaf Chamber of commerce was founded in February, 1950 to be the first Chamber founded in an Iraqi district (Qathaa) and the fifth one in Iraq. This is because An Najaf is a very important center of commerce, trading and industry.

An Najf Chamber of commerce is a commercial professional establishment having a legal personality with independent financial and administrable status. It is represented by its chairman or whom he authorizes as a vice chairman. Since its foundation, it has undertaken the benefits of the businessmen and protecting their interests and supporting them. It also takes care for the private sector, coordinating with all other Chambers in Iraq, the commercial, trading and developing affairs, in order to serve An Najaf.

Tasks and functions of An Najaf Chamber have increased and got extended owing to the changes in the economical system and regulations, so there has been so many variable activities, inside and outside Iraq. This is done through initiations, participations actively in conferences and meetings inside and outside Iraq, through forwarding studies and researches; suggestions  and solutions of problems facing the chambers of commerce. The Chamber has many contributions in promoting the economical awareness and comprehension, and this is done through giving advice and instructions about how to apply rules and laws. We have had important roles in arbitration of commercial differences between competitive sides. The Chamber always helps its members achieve their aims and ambitions, and this, of course, has its positive outcome on the people of An Najaf, in the economical, social, and service affairs, not to mention the religious tourist sector.

Lately, election of the Chamber Board was done, and the members of the board are:

1-               Engineer Zuhair Mohammed R. Sharba chairman.

2-               Engineer Haidar Hammoody Al-Ithary 1st vice chairman.

3-               Engineer Abdulkarim Joudy Rfaish 2nd vice chairman.

4-               Abdulmehdy Salih M. Al-Mudaffar member.

5-               Engineer Ali Mehdy Abdullah Sharba member.

6-               Engineer Makki Shaker M. Al-Fahham member.

7-               Engineer Wasfy Abdulsahib Al-Maliky member.

8-               Isma'eel Abdullah R. Al-Shimerty member.

9-               Imad Abdulhussein H. Zwain member.

10-          Sa'dy Isma'eelMohammed Hasan Mahbooba member.

There have been 28 sittings of election, and the number of the affiliates is 27.000 businessmen, and it is increasing. The new Board's prospective views:

1-          Transacting economical agreements, and agreements of economical, industrial and technological cooperation in which there is a stated role of the private sector.

2-          Involve the Chamber in the establishments and committees which supervise organizing interests of the different sectors of work, or those having correlation with their activities.

3-          Represent the Chamber in the government economical and trading delegations and missions to develop the technical and economical relationships.

4-          Applying the rule of obligatory affiliation of some sectors to the Chamber, and the rule of optional affiliation to others.

5-          Develop the organizational and the executive structures of the Chamber.

6-          Contacting the Associations of the Civil Society and develop the relationships of the Chamber with the economical, scientific and craftsmanship units and foundations, to achieve the mutual goals.

7-          Increasing the monetary abilities of the Chamber.

8-          Support the private sector's role and the Free Markets role in the process of economical development.

9-          Holding meetings and conferences with the merchants and businessmen to explain the importance of import and export, and the general information.

10-     Create phenomenon that help through studies and suggestions clarifying the importance of distinguishing incentives to encourage investment and deepening directing investors of the private section towards the complimentary activities and hence give support to economical sectors.

11-     The Chamber prepare variable database for complete information about economy and commerce.

12-     Build a specialized library for questionears and other kinds of information.

13-     Prepare the conference hall in the Chamber to accommodate more than 500 attendants, and provide it with all equipment needed for interpretation, audio-visual aids, etc.

14-     Hold meetings about businesswomen and those whop care for economical affairs.

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