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The Religious Schools in Najaf

13 March، 2021

The scientific movement in Najaf have long history could be return to the fourth century AH – Tenth Century Science students and scientists in various sciences and knowledge, especially science of assets, the doctrine of interpretation, language and literature started to come to Najaf, to teach their sciences or learning from the extraordinary scientists.

Historical sources quoted us the first degree in Hadith (the speech of the prophet) in (400 A.H.). Then came the role of Sheikh Abu Ja’afar bin Mohammad bin Hassan Tusi (died in 460 A.H.), who had a prominent role in the developing and extending Holly Najaf school of Science. Najaf takes its high place among the cities of the Arabic and Islamic worlds, the arrival of Sheikh to Najaf after the events of strife and bloodshed in Baghdad (448 A. H.), from that time Najaf stretching once and shrinking once again. But, Najaf maintained a level of science and progress till today, considering that all or most of the scientists of the cities of Islamic world have studied in the religious schools in Najaf and sat in its schools and learned from its scientists.  The School if Imam Ali shrine was one of the oldest scientific schools in Najaf. Science students were living in the upper floor rooms of the external wall of Imam Ali Holly Shrine, until recently.

Because of the large number of science students who were coming to Najaf built many schools and science houses, we mention some of them, which are located mainly in the center of the ancient city, including: –

  1. Najaf religious University: It is on the road of (Najaf – Kufa), after the Thawrat Al – Eshreen Sequare; on the right way from Najaf to Kufa. It consists of three floors, for study, reading and sleeping of the students.To the left of the main entrance is the location of the mosque, where the daily group pray is held. It was established in fifty’s of the last century. The idea of the establishment and the management is Mr. Mohammad Klantr and remained so until his death to be buried in its mosque
  2. Great Al-Akhuand School: Located within the area of AL HOIESH in the Old City at the end of AL HOIESH market. It had established in (1902 A.D. – 1321 A.H) of its founder Sheikh Mohammad Kazem

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  1. Yazdi Great School: it is located in the AL HOIESH on the street in Al – Rasool (the Prophet) Street, it is one of the religious schools, which known for its great construction and ornate style. It was established in (1325 AA. H. – 1906 A. D.) By its founder Mr. Muhammad Kazim Tabatabai Yazdi
  2. Medium Al-Akhuand School: in the middle of Al – Sadiq Street.
  3. Small Al-Akhuand School: in the middle of Al – Rasool (the prophet) Street
  4. Al – qawam School: near Imam Ali Holly shrine.
  5. Al – Mahdiya School: Near Imam Ali holly shrine behind Al – Tossi Moque.
  6. Al – Shubariya School: In AL – Buraq in the old city.
  7. Al – Qizwini School: near Imam Ali Holly Shrine at the beginning of AL – Huaish Quarter.
  8. Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Kashif Al – Gheta’a in Al – Tossi Street in front of Imam Ali Holly shrine.
  9. Imam Al – Sadiq School: – at the beginning of Zain AL – Abedeen Street near Al – Maydan.
  10. Al – Burjurdi Big School (Imam Al – Hassan (PBUH)) at Al – Sadiq Street.
  11. Al – Sadr Al – A’adam (Imam Musa Al – Kadhim (PBUH)): at AL – Rasool (the prophet) Street.
  12. Al- Salmiya School: it is one of the oldest schools and it was established at the ninth century A.H.
  13. Al – Azri School: at Khan Al – Mukhadar.
  14. Al – Lubnaniya School:  at Khan Al – Mukhadar.
  15. Abdul Aziz Al – Baghdadi School: – Thawrat Al – Eshreen square.
  16. Abdul Allah Al – Sheerazi, who dies at the first of Moharam (1405 A.H.), it is in Al – Jedayda Area, the Fifth Street.
  17. Al – Bakistaniya School.
  18. Al – Mahdiya School.
  19. Al – Bikara’ee Schhol.
  20. Al- Hindi School.
  21. Imam Al – Hakeem School.
  22. Imam Mahdi standard University.
  23. Dar Al – Hikma School.

    In addition to the above schools, there are a lot of schools effaced like: Dar Al – Elm, Big Al – Khalili, Small Al – Khalili, and Al – Jaza’eri schools.

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