Najaf Chamber / The shrine of Kumail Bin Ziad Al – Nakh’e

The shrine of Kumail Bin Ziad Al – Nakh’e

13 March، 2021

Kumail Bin Ziad Bin Al – Haitham … Bin Malik Bin Al-Nakh’e Bin Mithehaj. He was one of the prophet companions. He was one of the best worshipers in Kufa, scientist, stable on his religion and visionary. Imam Ali taught him the famous litany which was named according to his name. he was the ruler of HEET and the near by areas during the reign of Imam Ali.

 When Al – Hajaj Bin Yousif Al – Thaqafi ruled Iraq, he started to ask for Kumail, but Kumail ran from him. At that time, Al-Hajaj stopped the payment for Kumail’s tribe. When Kumail heard that he went to AlHajaj and they discussed. Them Kumail said:”Ali Bin Abi Talib told me that you will kill me”; Al-Hajaj order to kill him and he was killed. This evident was at (82 A.H.) and other historian said it was at (88 A.H.). He was (70 years) old when he was killed.

    His shrine is in Al – Thewaya in Al-Hanana Quarter, it is about (100 M) from the main street between Najaf and Kufa. The total area of the shrine is about (5400 M2). The shape of the shrine is circular. The tomb is in the middle on a small hill. Above the shrine there is high dome. The inner tomb is covered with silver box engraved with Islamic Arts and many corridors surround the tomb for visitors. The shrine was opened at (2008) after making many rehabilitations and some required expansion.

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