Najaf Chamber / Al – Sahla Mosque

Al – Sahla Mosque

13 March، 2021

n the north – west side of Al – Kufa Great Mosque and 10 Km distance from Najaf lies Al – Sahla Mosque. Al – Sahla Mosque is one of oldest, greatest and most honored mosques after Al – Kufa Great Mosque. It was built in the first century after Hijra. The historical references that this location was the house of the prophet Edris (PBUH) then the house of the prophet Abraham (PBUH) and thirdly the house of Al – Kider (PBUH)

The mosque has many names like Al – Bir (charity) because it is blessed, Abdul Qais, Bin Dhafra, Al – Sahla Mosques. Imams said many speeches about the honor and favor of the mosque. The area of the mosque is about (17500 m2). The mosque is rectangular with (140 M) length and (125 M) width. It is surrounded with high wall, the wall is supported with half – circular towers and each tower is (7 M). the mosque has seventeen entrances and the southern side is the main location for praying. The mosque has many holly shrines like: – 1- The holly shrine of AL – Saleheen: and it is known as Hood and Salih (PBUT) Shrines. It lies in the corner of the north and east sides in the surrounded wall and in the right of the main entrance of the mosque. From this place David (PBUH) walk to fight Talot. 2- The holly shrine of AL – Kidher: it lies in the corner between the south and east sides and it is in the left of the main entrance of the mosque. 3- The holly shrine of the prophet AL – Edrees (PBUH): it lies in the south – west corner of the mosque. Sone refrences says that this location was the house of the prophet Edrees (PBUH). 4- The holly shrine of the prophet Abraham (PBUH): it lies in the north – west corner of the mosque and it is said this location was his house and from this location, he dashed to fight Al-Amaliqa (The Giants) in Yemen. 5- The holly shrine of Imam Ja’afar Bin Mohammad Al – Sadiq (PBUH): it lies in the middle of the mosque near the north side of the mosque. The historical references explain that Imam Ja’afar Bin Mohammad (PBUH) used to pray in this location frequently. Today, The Group Pray is held in this location. 6- The holly shrine of Imam Zain Al-Abedeen (Best Worshipers) Ali Bin Al-Hussein (PBUH) it lies in the middle of the mosque beside Al-Sadiq holly shrine. 7- The holly shrine of Imam AL – Mahdi: – it is known as Sahib Al – Zaman Shrine. It lies in the middle of the southern side, which faces Kiblah, and it is the largest holly shrines in the mosque. It was constructed at (1181 A.H.). in the middle of the eastern side there is the minaret and beside it there is the main entrance for the mosque. There is another entrance in the northern side of the wall. The Two Mosques of Zaid and Sa’asa’a sons of Sohan Near Al – Sahla Mosque lies the Mosque of the prophet companion Zaid Bin Sihan. The mosque was constructed at (1395 A.H.) with humble building. The mosque covers (165 M2). Zaid was one of the leaders of Imam Ali Aarmy and he was martyred at Al-Jamal Battle. The prophet Said about him: (who pleased him to see some part preceded him to heaven, he looks at Zaid Bin Sohan) because his hands were cut at Nahawand Battle. There is another mosque for his brother Sa’asa’a Bin of Sohan and it lies in front of the main gate of Al – Sahla Mosque. The mosque is one of the honored mosques in Kufa. It was built at (1387 A.H.) and covers (160 M2). Sa’asa’a Bin Sohan was a companion of Imam Ali (PBUH). He was very fluent man. Imam Ali praised Sa’asa’a Bin Sohan of being helpful. Sa’asa’a Bin Sohan attended the ceremony of digging Imam Ali and he eulogized him with very rhetorical speech and he cried upon Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib too much

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