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Al – Imam Ali Holly Shrine

Holly Najaf is one of the important cities and millions of visitors visit the holly city yearly. It is a religious and scientific city, which has many religious schools. These schools teach jurisprudence, statesmanship, grammar, history, literature,...



It is a historical city, established at (17 A. H. – 638 A. D.). Then, it became the capital of the Islamic State in the reign of Al – Imam Ali at (35 A.H.). A lot of Mohammad's companions, sciences, princes, poets, and men of literature lived...


Al – Sahla Mosque

n the north – west side of Al – Kufa Great Mosque and 10 Km distance from Najaf lies Al – Sahla Mosque. Al – Sahla Mosque is one of oldest, greatest and most honored mosques after Al – Kufa Great Mosque. It was built in the first century...


Wadi Al – Salam Cemetery (Peace Valley Cemetery

On a wide quite area extend Wadi Al – Salam Cemetery (Peace Valley Cemetery) in the north side of Imam Ali Holly Shrine. It begins from the end of Al – Tossi Street.  The graveyard is very old and (as we said before) the tombs of the two...


The Holly Shrine of Imam Zain Al – Abedeen (Best worshipers) (PBUH)

In the western side of Imam Ali Holly Shrine and about (500 M) from the shrine, lies the shrine of Imam Ali Bin Al – Hussein Zain Al – Abedeen (Best worshipers) (PBUH). The historical references refer that Imam Ali Bin Al – Hussein Zain Al –...


The shrine of Kumail Bin Ziad Al – Nakh’e

Kumail Bin Ziad Bin Al – Haitham … Bin Malik Bin Al-Nakh'e Bin Mithehaj. He was one of the prophet companions. He was one of the best worshipers in Kufa, scientist, stable on his religion and visionary. Imam Ali taught him the famous litany...


Al – Hanana Mosque

The mosque lies in Al - Thewaya in Al-Hanana Quarter near to the shrine of Kumail Bin Ziad Al – Nakh'e. It is one of the honored mosques. The mosque covers about (7400 M2) and in the middle of the mosque, there is the location where the head of...


Najaf Sea

To the west of Najaf and in a wide area with a very beautiful scene, it is near Safi Safa Shrine and along Al-Miheet Street in the southern side of the old city in Najaf; you can see the natural depression of Najaf Sea. Najaf Sea is considered today...


The Religious Schools in Najaf

The scientific movement in Najaf have long history could be return to the fourth century AH - Tenth Century Science students and scientists in various sciences and knowledge, especially science of assets, the doctrine of interpretation, language and...

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