Najaf Chamber / Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Center


Najaf Small Business Development Center (NSBDC) was established January 2009 under the Civil Society Law with Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Federation. The SBDC is focusing on serving the needs of the business community in general, the tourism industry in particular with Business Development, Languages, Computer Skills and Hospitality Management Courses. The SBDC has developed a strong working relationship with the US Foreign Agricultural, Commercial Service at the US Embassy Baghdad and the Egyptian Embassy to facilitate visas and preparations for visiting delegations from Najaf to attend international trade fairs and meetings, most recently to Egypt in July and San Diego in August 2011. This support is on a fee for service basis to Iraqi firms. The Najaf Economic Gazette (monthly) and the Najaf Business Guide 2012 provide advertising and some sales revenue which is anticipated to expand.

The Najaf Small Business Development Center operates under the Chamber of Commerce Najaf (CoCN) which was originally licensed in 1950. The CoCN is an influential part of the Najaf city government and plays a pivotal role in the business community having established the Najaf Tourism Center, Najaf Center for Women in Business, International Arbitration Center Najaf, and Najaf Small Business Development Center.

Mission Statement:

Foster economic growth in the Najaf province in different sectors through enhancing linkages between the local businesses as well as with foreign entrepreneurs and companies to promote private investment opportunities, making the Najaf SBDC the primary focal point for the economic activities inside Najaf Province, through the cooperation with the local government, local and foreign companies.


To create and update a Data Base of information on all business activities in Najaf Province.

To make Najaf SBDC a focal point for the economic activities inside Najaf Province through the cooperation with local Government, Local Companies, and Foreign Companies.

To keep activating the role of Najaf SBDC as a consultative Center specialized in assisting Economic Development.

To keep holding Seminars, Conferences.

To continue to offer Training Courses in “How to start a business” or “How to improve a business”.

To hold Courses in Human Recourses Development.

Staff Structure:

Board of Directors Chairman: Mr. Zuhair Al Sharba.

Authorized Contacts: Mr. Hassanein Muhiddin, Executive Director.

Full-time staff: Administrative Assistant, M&E Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Information Technology, Accountant, Maintenance Support, 3 Business Trainers, Service. (9 staff).

NSBDC at a Glance – Accomplishments to Date:

Published one annual edition of the Najaf Business Directory.

Publishes the monthly Najaf Economic Gazette.

The SBDC is the owner of DHL delivery franchise for Najaf.

(620) participants trained in business, financial and computer skills, and English training.

Organized several conferences and seminars in Banks Development, Business Development, investment and Agriculture.

Organized two exhibitions and business to business initiatives.

Visa Preparation and logistics for International Trade Delegations to Egypt and the USA.

Excellent business relationships and affiliations with the Provincial Council, Najaf Investment Commission, Najaf Businessmen’s Union, US Foreign Agriculture Service and Embassies of Egypt and France.

Current Services Offered at NSBDC:

Business skills training and consultancies for SMEs.

Certified Project Management Provider by the PMI.

Publishes the monthly Najaf Economic Gazette.

Facilitate International Arbitration Center Najaf.

Facilitate the Najaf Tourism Development Center.

Support International Trade Delegations (Egypt and the United States).

Youth Entrepreneur Access to Finance under USAID-Tijara’s Iraqi Youth Initiative.

Youth Employment Program under USAID-Tijara’s Iraqi Youth Initiative.

Cost Accounting, Marketing and Human Resources Development.

Computer Training Courses.

Basic English Language.

Association Management for cooperatives and civil society organizations.

Business Relationships and Affiliations:


Chamber of Commerce Najaf

Embassy of Egypt

Embassy of France

Embassy of Germany

Embassy of Netherlands

Najaf Agricultural Engineers Syndicate

Najaf Hotel & Tourism Industry

Najaf Iraqi Businessmen’s Union

Najaf Provincial Council

Kufah University

Najaf Tourism Development Center (sister organization)

Najaf International Arbitration Center (sister organization)

Najaf Women Entrepreneurial Center (sister organization)

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service – Baghdad

Micro Finance Institutions – MOU with Izdiharona


Najaf Provincial Investment Commission

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