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The Iraqi Center for International Arbitration

Center Vision:

     As a result of the global economic and technological developments and the information and communication revolution in the third millennium, and their reflection on the local and global economies, the contractual relations, investments and the resulting conflicts need to be resolved away from the local judiciary and its long procedures.
In accordance with the will of the parties to the contract and the dispute, the Iraqi Center For International Arbitration – Najaf was established to fill a large vacuum inside Iraq in the resolution of disputes arising from international trade contracts and investment contracts (domestic and international) and to be a strong supporter of the process of justice inside and outside Iraq through arbitration.

The Iraqi Center For International Arbitration – Najaf  SEEKS to :
1. Resolving disputes arising from contracts of trade and investment contracts domestically and internationally.
2. Reduce the financial losses incurred by Iraqi companies and persons in their disputes when resorting to the rooms of foreign arbitration centers.
3. Attract businessmen and foreign companies to invest in Iraq to refrain from resorting to the local judiciary in resolving their contractual disputes.
4. Developing the arbitral knowledge of Iraqi individuals, companies and institutions on the importance of arbitration in settling disputes arising from commercial and investment contracts with minimal efforts and shortest procedures.
5. Support and develop the process of Iraqi justice through arbitration.

Center Goals:

The Iraqi Center For International Arbitration – Najaf  GOALS are:
1. To be a leading model in the field of international commercial arbitration inside and outside Iraq through coordination and cooperation with international arbitration centers.
2. Attract businessmen and Iraqi and Arab companies to resolve their disputes at the Najaf Center, instead of resorting to foreign arbitration rooms and centers and carry large financial losses.
3. Drawing up policies, plans and programs necessary to develop legislation and arbitration rules governing and regulating commercial and investment contracts within Iraq.
4. Issue a periodical magazine specialized in international commercial arbitration.

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