Najaf Chamber / Tourism Development Center

Tourism Development Center

Established:Tourism Development Center ( TDC) was Established in Najaf city in date 1st October 2009 and it part form Najaf Commercial Chamber which was established in year 1950 , the TDC working under laws and chamber system

Tourism Develop Center purpose to stand up the tourism sector in Najaf governorate and working to raise the level of this sector to be as the same advance countries in this sectors ,with benefits from Experiments of some middle east countries regarding to this sector

THE Center Programs
Make training courses for departments managers of hotels and restaurant.
Making training courses for reception office management.
– Making training courses for methods of introducing the foods in restaurants and hotels. – Making training courses for arrangement and organizing hotels rooms and how to Serve the customer by modern ways.
– Making training courses for modern hotels technology .
– Making training courses how to making different foods .
– Making data base including all hotels and restaurants ( touristy classifying ) in Najaf governorate.
– Introducing logistic support to the labors of the tourism sector(governments & non governments) including training courses, special consultations.
-Making training courses for hotel safety and personal hygiene for the labors of the tourism sector.
– Introducing design service of touristy web sites for companies , hotels & restaurants.

1- TDC aspire to make special department to advertise for the companies and hotels from through design the web sites ,the identifications cards and the lighting advertisements
2- Working on increasing the qualifications of persons who want to work in tourism sector and to get job in government establishments or private sector establishments.
3- Working on providing the tourism modern services in touristy utilities and devolve the modern technology from advance countries in tourism sector and applying it.
4- We aspire to establish touristy utility for TDC to be resource for funding and continuously ,also to be an exemplar for developed touristy services by providing practical training inside this utility.
5- Strengthening the cooperation with local government.
6- strengthening the relation with foreign companies to increase the investments in Najaf governorate.
7- Working to open branches in localities and suburbs of Najaf governorate.

The Center is administered by an Executive Director and He has considerable experience in the field of tourism and holds a bachelor’s degree and has membership in the Iraqi Economy Development Center and a certificate from Center (CIPE) for Business Development.
The Center also includes a team of researchers in the tourism market, trainers and their assistants and Web sites designer, and has excellent experience in this field, and holders of bachelor’s degree with multiple a experience Certificates domestic and international.

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