Najaf Chamber / Al – Hanana Mosque

Al – Hanana Mosque

13 March، 2021

The mosque lies in Al – Thewaya in Al-Hanana Quarter near to the shrine of Kumail Bin Ziad Al – Nakh’e. It is one of the honored mosques. The mosque covers about (7400 M2) and in the middle of the mosque, there is the location where the head of Imam Hussein (PBUH) was put after his martyrdom and arriving the captives of the family of Imam Hussein at (61 A.H.).

  The historical references refer that the body of Imam Ali passed on this area in his way to Najaf. The shrine had been reconstructed and rehabilitated.

    The Holly Shrines of the Prophets Hood and Salih (PBUT)

   In the beginning of the Najaf great cemetery near to AL – Tosi Street lies the Holly Shrines of the Prophets Hood and Salih. Both prophets are in one tomb, above the tomb there is a small dome. The dome is covered with blue mosaic. The shrine was constructed at (1337 A.H.). The historical references refers that the prophet Hood was sent to Ad nation, but they did not believe him. So they were punished with strong wind. Whereas, the prophet Salih Was sent to Thamood nation and his miracle was that he gave them pregnant camel from the rocks in the mountains. However, they killed the camel and they were punished.

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